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Commercializing PEG-20k

Perfusion Medical is commercializing PEG-20k, a breakthrough IV solution for restoration of tissue perfusion invented at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Medicine. PEG-20k shows potential to be a disruptive solution for addressing severe blood loss (hemorrhagic shock) and related medical conditions.

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How it works

The major mechanism of action of PEG-20k IV solution in treating severe hypovolemic shock is to increase tissue perfusion to facilitate rapid transfer of oxygen into oxygen starved tissues and organs. This is accomplished by reversing the metabolic cell and tissue swelling that occurs during shock, which causes no reflow by capillary compression.

Military Usage

The development of PEG-20k at VCU was funded with more than $10 million from the US Army. PEG-20k has tremendous potential to help war fighters and civilians